Avaya Distributor for Internet Phone Service in Dubai


An Avaya distributor is as individual or a company who handles the products developed by Avaya, Inc. Avaya is a company started in America but now is considered a multinational tech company. Currently Avaya is headquartered in California, but distributors are located in many different countries including Dubai.

Internet phone services

Most of the distributors located in Dubai handle all phases of installation of this Internet Phone Service. This type of Avaya telephone system service is becoming very popular with small businesses. These services for internet phones allows small businesses to get access to phones and communication devices that once only large companies could afford to use. These include;

  • Enterprise class standard phone systems
  • Online portal for control of calls
  • Mobile app for mobile phone use

Monthly charges

This is all provided to your business for a monthly cost and there is no need for an IT infrastructure core to be at your business location. Some businesses purchase their own equipment to use, or they rent or lease the required equipment which is usually desk-phones and PoE or Power over Ethernet switches that are needed for all internet phone service providers. The distributor is responsible for offeringoffsite the call handling in their data center while yourcompany benefits from using the cloud internet publicphone system direct to your computers, desk phones or mobile phone with downloadable apps.

Benefits of Avaya system for business

 The benefits for companies starting in Dubai include the following:

  • Reduction of costs for communication
  • Business productivity is enhanced
  • Enriches the experience for users
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Communication with single system
  • Affordable solutions
  • Improves business relationships

 Leading distributor

In Dubai the leading Avaya distributor is the Avaya PBX systems and the phones as they provide the best in communication and set-up for any office. These services make this distributor one of the better known IP PBX Distributors in Dubai and are also notable for voice mail and IVR for many companies.