Characteristics of HP LaserJet 1536 dnf MFP


Even though you might get involved with the printers but it may not fulfill your thirst. You might get anxiety with the printers. But HP LaserJet printer 1536 DNF MFP will be reliable for you and it will give you many enchanting effects and you will find in an atmosphere which would be relaxation for you. The characteristics of HP LaserJet are described below and you can have a detailed analysis.

Characteristics of HP LaserJet 1536 DNF MFP:

Although there are many of the special features about the HP printer but some main features are described here:

The General Features:

Copier category Digital type

The technology Laser-Monochrome

Monthly cycle 8000 impressions

Fax type plain type

Monthly pages 500-2000

Memory 128 MB

Ram 128 MB

The power

At sleep 0.2 watt

Standby 4.7 watt

Operational 445 watt

The copying:

Max speed 26ppm

Resolution 1200×1200 dpi

Enlargement 400%

Reduction 25%

Maximum copies 99

For Office:

Type Fax/Copier/printer/Scanner

Print out type monochrome

Type LAN, USB 2.0

Physical featuring:

Depth 13.5 in

Width 17.4 in

Height 14.7

Weight 25.76lbs

These are some of the featuring Qualities of the HP LaserJet 1536 DNF MFP but still there are many other qualities which can be better and can enhance your way to serve. HP being the nice company ad at the top of the list is going to make you serve from many years and the printers of HP are really awesome. You can have these printers but among them, this one is really nice one. But there is also an amazing feature of the HP LaserJet 1536 DNF MFP which is discussed below.

The Eprinting:

One of the most amazing things about the HP LaserJet 1536 is that it has the capacity of the E printing. You can have it to make your way easy. It can help you out if you connect it to the internet and then you want the output. But for that purpose, it is necessary that you connect your HP printer proper settings so that it would visible for you to use this feature. The eprinting is needed to be active on your printer if you visit the online website of the HP printers and there you make it visible. If you have some sort of problem, you should also update the firmware of your HP printer which is also viable at the website. When you have to update your firmware and find your printer connected with the obvious attention through the website now you can take the step to make it use. You can have the epriting now at your next click.


While you have such printer then you should keep in mind that sometimes it might work properly and you find it difficult to use. Then in that situation, it would be easier for you to use it with proper manner. Or sometimes when you change the window then it can create such an anxiety for you. So to save you time and make it more prominent you should access to the HP LaserJet 1536 DNF MFP driver. This would be an overall solution for you.