COVID’s Unique Relationship With Data Recovery


COVID As A Market Catalyst

The Covid pandemic has exposed many weaknesses of the world economy including dependencies on shipping and the limits of healthcare as a corporate enterprise. Although this has brought to light the broken aspects of certain markets, others have continued to thrive. In particular, online retailers. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba have grown exponentially during the pandemic and show no signs of slowing down as they fully capitalize on the opportunity to grasp the market. The more effectively companies can utilize the data of their customers, the more efficiently they can operate as a whole. This makes data recovery specialists invaluable to companies looking to thrive in this opportunity where people have done more online than ever before.

Data Recovery Technicians and COVID

While everyone was shaken during the initial scare of COVID as businesses flustered and stocks plummeted, most markets were able to bounce back relatively quickly. Data recovery technicians, in particular, were able to make a significant influence as the world quickly tried to adapt to the new environment. As the world was already moving towards cloud computing and storage, the increase in data dependency rose in parallel and the pandemic merely accelerated this process even more.

Inevitable Hardships

However, this isn’t to say that these technicians have experienced nothing but good fortune. All change is trauma and having to deal with the concept of social distancing and masks is certainly part of that. By living in this new COVID society, smaller businesses were hit the hardest as physical stores that do hard drive repairs, people that freelance to support different businesses, and even those that just work in the field had to make a choice to either stick it out or find new opportunities.

A Bright Silver Lining

Thankfully, the field wasn’t shaken much and most smaller businesses were able to implement safety policies in order to comply with the CDC’s guidelines and go about business as usual. Bigger businesses like Amazon are doing even better as they have been growing exponentially throughout the pandemic and show no signs of slowing down, especially for their biggest moneymaker: Amazon Web Services. There are well over 50 active listings for data recovery technician jobs on Indeed in the UK alone showing that this is still a healthy job market that will be in demand as long as companies and people need to store digital data.