Eld Mandate – What a Great Way to achieve Success!

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Eld mandate-one of the greatest innovations of the present day business world, enjoys a proliferated demand across the globe providing 100% accuracy in maintaining hours of service(HOS). Once installed, the machine provides exceptional features along with a boon of industrial aspects. It is a great option for the drivers these days to run their business by retaining precise duty hours.

Points to be Noted Before Adopting!

  • DVIR (Driver Vehicle Information Report) found on the job portal in real time
  • Real time information with location updating offered
  • Lesser time consuming
  • Software compliance and efficient operations provided
  • IFTA reporting made easy
  • Cost effective and user- friendly interface

All the above prospects thus make this electronic logging system one of the best in the current day market place.

ELD Mandate chosen as ELD Compliance Partner. Why?

There are many reasons to choose Eld Mandate as a partner of agreement by a host of automobile business industries. Through earning the tag of one of the best ELD devices it has accomplished its rank in the cutting-edge market because of its significant competence and involvement. It provides the most affordable solutions and that is why a magnificent number of the vehicles have opted for it. Professionals are always there to assist if there is any sort of exemption or fault. Instant backup for the Electronic Logging Device can make the vehicle and goods carried safe and secure in an advanced way.

Benefits to remember-

  • Abridged Review time
  • Appraisal procedures are passed in a secure manner
  • Any desecrations can be traced
  • The visibility of hours of service of the drivers lead to reduced time maintenance
  • Keep logging trucking app updating with live tracking of the vehicles on the move
  • The most appreciated part is to give immediate alert to the officer and the driver as well as soon as there is any kind of possible violations while on duty. Hence whenever the question arises to choose the best electronic logging device mandate, people undoubtedly pick up the name.

What about the price?

Being the most inexpensive device among the lot, the hardware pricing of the Eld Mandate ranges around $192. A month to month contract availability makes it exceptional again. The monthly fee being $15 along with the first year cost ($372) shows a difference of 3.5 times as compared to the others whose annual prices starts from around $1323.thus the most highlighted facets are:

  • Affordable rates
  • No hidden cost
  • Easy installation facilities
  • Monthly usage options

—– and many more…

All About Certification

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration commonly called FMCSA distinguishes and approves the Eld mandate logging devices with proper license so as to be used for the trade. What else a business needs? With the following characteristics such as:

  • Minimal hardware requirement
  • Least annual fees
  • Exclusively designed software
  • Perfect database manager
  • Relaxed and Comfortable Job Life has made it the most useful machine with a glorious service history!!!