Expert Tips to Optimise Your Blog Post for SEO


Content marketing is an essential aspect of your business strategy because it answers your audience’s questions. It’s a great tool to build trust, generate leads, improve conversions, and connect with your customers. Unlike any other techniques, creating consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts the decision making of the audience. Blog SEO helps you to generate consistent traffic to your website and get better search rankings. Here is a whittled list of expert tips to optimise our blog post for SEO.

Proper Keyword Research to Plan Your Blog Content

Many beginners write about the topics they guess that their customers or focus audience would be interested in. But, you don’t have to rely on any guesswork, when you can perform keyword research to find out exactly what your audience is into. SEO experts in Sydney and content creators rely on keyword research to topics that their customers are interested in based on the search engine data. These keywords can be used to craft a strong content strategy, and it’s a great way to find new blog topics.

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords or LSI keywords are the searches related to your focus keyword. One of the easiest ways to find these keywords is, enter the focus keyword in search engine and scroll down to the bottom of the search results. The related searches found on the bottom of the keywords are the LSI keywords which you can incorporate in your content. But, beware of keyword stuffing and use them wisely.

Make Your Blog Title More Relevant to the Search Query

A good blog title encourages users to click on your blog when they see it in search results. Use your focus keyword in the blog title to make it more SEO friendly. Since click-through-rate plays a vital role in SEO Sydney, it’s recommended to make your headline catchy and click-worthy.

Internal Linking Works

Internal linking is an excellent practice that sends your new readers to check out your old relevant posts. By passing appropriate link juice to your old articles, you are improving your on-page SEO. You can also edit your older blog posts to link to the new blog posts to reap maximum benefits.

Add Images and Videos

According to the experts from a leading SEO company in Sydney, search engines rank engaging content higher in the search results. Adding images and videos to your blog post makes it more engaging than a plain text.

Other Tips

  • Add a good meta description to your blog post
  • Make your blog post easier to read
  • Use categories and tags to organise content for users and search engines
  • Aim to Be The Featured Snippet in The Search Result

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