Facts And Myths About SEO That Internet Marketer Should Know


SEO or search engine optimization is a strategic process of cracking the algorithm of a search engine (SE) to get the words or group of words (called keywords) that web surfers use in looking for information or products on the web. Although this may seem to be a very technical procedure, it is made simple by the SEO tools that SEs themselves are developing. These tools are made available for site owners or admins, as well as SEO experts with or without charges. Read on to learn the facts and myths about SEO.

Facts about SEO

SEO improves website ranking and thus conversion or profit.

This is the right thing to say about SEO service. It is definitely a strategic process of making a niche relevant site noticed by web traffic—by getting indexed by authority search engines and ranked high on the search engine result page (SERP). This is the one of the benefits of getting the best SEO services in Sydney.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to keep the web neutral and reputable.

Since the web has become the biggest marketplace and is constantly growing by the day, it is a must to weed out those that are not really providing good information but just spamming to get visitors. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are then making their rules stricter and stricter. Panda is one of the best examples of these constantly changing rules.

Google is the most powerful search engine today.

Every internet savvy person knows what Google is. It has become a household name for its highly reliable search results and high standard algorithm. In fact, it is one of the very few search engines that are making sure of the reputation of their link results page by developing newer and even better metrics on website ranking.

The ranking of a site gets better as it climbs on the search engine result page (SERP).

The best and most relevant to searches sites are always found at the top of the SERP. Besides, it will be an inconvenient way of searching for an internet surfer if he or she has to go through all the pages that the SERP has. Thanks to powerful tools such as SEO agency WordPress theme.

Myths about SEO

SEO is developed by search engines to profit more from admins and site owners.

SEO is actually developed to attain better ranking on search engines. It is not mainly to profit from admins or site owners, although there are paid tools that can help make each campaign easier and faster.

The best website SEO tools are the most expensive ones.

It is not always the price of a service or tool that makes it the best. It is always the effectiveness of the campaign and the dedication of the specialist or SEO manager. A good example to this is the social media where most tools are for free but offers very high returns.

SEO services can only be provided by SEO specialists and managers.


SEO can be learned and perfected by practice so admins and site owners can eventually be specialists in optimization. Also, there are a lot of free and paid search tools that can be used to aid internet savvy persons to become experts in optimization.

These are the facts and myths about SEO that you need to know. Some ideas may collide but one thing is for sure. SEO is a means of making relevant sites visible on the web, get ranked and become an authority or go-to site for internet surfers.