The Escape Game: Have Fun While Searching For Freedom


Social gatherings, parties, birthdays or corporate gatherings need not necessarily happen in a hotel. New avenues are cropping up these days which offer ample amenities to host any kind of gatherings. One such avenue is the X Realm escape game escape rooms in edmonton.  In order to know more about this avenue, you can visit Located in Edmonton in Canada, the place offers its customers with interesting games that are enough to entertain the people and also force them to use their brains to tackle a situation.

What is X Realm escape game all about?

X Realm game is a real life game where you have to fight for your own freedom by getting out of a specially designed room which is also called the escape room. The escape room games Edmonton locks you up in the room and provides you with several challenges to come out of it. You will have to figure out the clues and try to solve the riddles, puzzles and mechanisms unlock each step in the game. You are given just an hour to show your caliber in escaping from the room and attaining freedom. It is a brain game and yet brings in a lot of fun with it. There are about four different kinds of games and a few more would be added very soon. Each game costs $25.00 plus tax. You can pick the game of your choice and enjoy the fullest. The games that are currently available include Castle, Lost Empire, Whisper of the Dead and Royal Fortune. Each game has a very interesting theme associated with it. The castle has a theme which says ‘Escape as vampire killer, or suffer for eternity in the darkness’ while, Lost Empire has a different theme which says ‘A Collapsing chamber. The only way out, is further in’. Some of the themes may sound scary too, but also brings in a lot of curiosity with it. For example, the theme for Whisper of the Dead is ‘Will you guide the soul out? Or be consumed by the whisper’. Royal Fortune has a very interesting theme which says ‘A fortune beyond imagination, find it and triumph’. Whatever may be the theme, the underlined point is that you need to find a way out. The difficulty levels and the number of players for each game differ.

For corporate gatherings and parties, the management provides the following facilities:

  • Huge parking space for free
  • Catering services
  • Unique experience for corporate team building
  • Friendly staff that will be there with you throughout

Located at 12060 Jasper Ave, the place is very easy to locate and is also well connected with buses that stop right in front of the door. The place is open only in the evening in the weekdays, while it is open from the noon during the weekends to accommodate more crowds. Visit the place once and you will definitely not regret your decision as it gives complete value for your money. This can be enjoyed by people of all ages.