Things To Know When Using A Proxy Server


These days, many people use proxy servers to overcome internet problems. There are times when you would complain about not being able to access a website and people would suggest to use a proxy site. What exactly is a proxy server and how does it let you access a website that you otherwise can’t? If you’re using a proxy server but aren’t aware about how it works, here’s what you need to know when you use a proxy server.


First things first, proxy means substitute. This means a proxy server lets you access a website by creating a substitute IP address for your computer. Websites block access based on the IP address. So, when you have a different IP address, you can access the website. Besides letting you access blocked websites,proxies act as a medium between you and the resource. This makes requesting for access to different websites easier and simpler.


If you’re confused about the term ‘IP address’, it’s important to clear the air since proxy servers largely function using the IP address. Like how your house has an address, your IP address is the address of your computer. This means it’s easy to locate where in the world your computer is, by using your IP address.


Let’s take an example to make it clear how a proxy server works. Let’s assume you want to use Facebook. As you type Facebook in the search bar, you would be given access to the destination through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when the ISP makes a request on your behalf. However, it also exposes your real IP address.

What if access to Facebook is blocked for your IP address? This is when, as you use the right type of proxy server, it will either hide your IP address with the help of hide me function, or manipulate your IP address to provide you access to Facebook.

A proxy server also enhances the internet speed by caching the info that you access once. This means, as you request access to a websiteyou have previously visited, you get access to the cached info, cutting down the time taken to get access to the actual resource.


It’s very important to know that proxy servers aren’t just there to let you access all the blocked and restricted websites. They serve many more functions, which is why you should select a proxy server based on what you need from the proxy server. Some basic kinds of proxy servers are- transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, high anonymity proxy, and distorting proxy. Study the different types of proxy servers and which one would be best to use.

People talk about proxy servers like it’s magic that gives you access to websites that you can’t visit. Butit’s all technical stuff that gets the job done. However, if you know so much about proxy servers, using them would be easier and simpler for you.