Track your kids along with their iPhones


Ever spent the night worrying if your kid is wasting away his life spending too much time on his phone? You might wonder what your kid must be doing, who is he in contact with, and what is he into without your knowledge. iPhone tracking apps like is a boon if you want to trace your kid’s mind and his activities.

Once an iPhone tracking app is installed in your kid’s phone, which is the target device, it runs a series of activities and insert all the information into your control panel. There are different features that can be tracked through these apps. Even though these apps differ in their functionality, a few of the common services they provide are:

GPS tracking

This is the most important feature of these apps. Using GPS you can track the location of the iPhone. You can check where your kid goes and can get to his location if he gets lost. It is also helpful to get the iPhone back if your child loses it somewhere.

SMS and MMS tracking

You can keep a track of every SMS and MMS received by and sent from the target device.

Check call logs and listen to the calls

These apps allow you to monitor the call logs and let you know whom your kid has been talking to, how often, and for how long. Also, you can listen to the calls made on the target device.

Intervention of internet

The internet is one among the most influential forces around a person today. Do any of your days pass without the internet? If you cannot, then think about how much it is penetrated into your kid’s day-to-day life. Most of the youngsters get frustrated and depressed without their “internet-soaked” phones. Hence, it is extremely important for you to know who your child is, in the virtual world.

The tracker apps get you the browser history of the target device and help you know which sites your kid has been visiting. You can check for the negatives like if he’s addicted to pornographic material, drugs, drinking, and smoking or if he’s into any illegal activities or has a thing for violent content.

Apart from tracing your kids to check on their flaws, these apps will let you know their strengths, their interests, and aspirations. A well informed parent can plan their kid’s future better, along the lines of the kid’s interests and can be a super mom or super dad.

Access to emails and pictures

These apps allow you to read and intercept the emails sent and received by the target device. Also, you have access to all the pictures sent or received from the iPhone through Whatsapp, mails or any other virtual platform.

Remote control and secrecy

These apps allow you to control the target device remotely from anywhere. Even without any physical contact or connection, you will have the power to erase the content of the phone completely. Since, you can operate this surveillance app secretly; your kid will never know his activities are being monitored.

These apps give you immense control over your child and balancing your system of surveillance is vital so that you don’t ruin it all. Visit to buy MSpy, an iPhone tracking app with all the above features.