What is Virtual Office


A Virtual Office is a service that enables employees and business owners to have address for smaller businesses and accept inbound communications on their behalf and forwarding all the communications to other addresses/numbers. This service includes mail phone calls and with some companies you can even arrange meeting near your virtual office when you need to. This service gives smaller businesses many benefits of a permanent address and business presence for a much lower costs. This service can be very valuable for small businesses. As you can get the address in a very prestigious location which gives more credibility to new established business.

These are some services which often provided by virtual office provider to give small business that “big business” image.

  • Phone answering and voicemail services: Use a real landline number instead of using your personal mobile makes you look a little more professional. And by using this service you will have secretary to manage your incoming calls, which is more professional looking for your business.
  • Envelope opening and scanning service: this is a great service where you can get all the post scanned and emailed over to you and the sender will never guess that you are not located in the fancy address that you use and you can stay controlling all your mail.
  • Business postal address: This service helps your businesses to look more prestigious and if you got address in a prestigious address that’s even better.
  • Receptionist: this helps virtual office seem a little less virtual to your customers and business colleagues. In case you are arranging meetings nobody will wonder why you are not located in the fancy location you pretend to be.
  • Meeting rooms: you can arrange meetings very near to your virtual office although you do not have a ‘full-time’ desk.

Virtual office Telephone Answering

  • Telephone answering costs vary from between £40 to £120 per month, there is also “per message fees”, so you should ask about the monthly fee includes and excludes before signing up.
  • When you sign up for this service, you will be allocated a telephone number, which will be answered by a receptionist using your company name. And the call will be transferred after that to company’s phone number or the receptionist will do all receptionist duties.
  • The level customer service and how well the receptionist knows your business will be depending to the virtual office provider.

Virtual office Mail Forwarding

If you sign up for this service you will get for your businesses a trading address, it can be in a prestigious location, such as Central London and that will allow you to work from anywhere or even from home, and at the same time maintain a level of professionalism that usually associated with much larger, established companies.

Mail forwarding service typically costs from £20 to £100 per month and usually the service provider will charge a handling fee if they forwarded the post to your place.