5 Future Mobile Technologies Might be coming up in 2019


Like everything, technology has been evolved but just within the decades it takes huge leaps. Just a decade ago, people never expected about screen touch but now it is common. There are amazing mobile technologies are at verge to be evolved and come into the consumer’s hand. Lot of talks has been into the wind about upcoming smartphone tech revolutions. Even last few months, lot of high-end smartphones launched where it can be seen how more of high-end features are now common in certain price ranges which invite more technologies to be adapted. Look upto Phones.co.uk to check on the latest smartphones, in case you are zoned out for a time being. Now, here are those 5 upcoming mobile technologies which might hit in 2019 or upcoming years.

  1. Distance Wireless Charging

Getting rid of clumsy wire charging might be over very soon as the wireless charging from a enough distance is a new technology to evolve in forthcoming years. New technology as infrared lights will be used to generate electricity. It is however in a testing phase right now but soon to be out. It uses radio frequency to transmit power from a distance to the device. It works like wireless charging today only difference is instead of radio signals, infrared lights will be used to transmit power.

  • Folding Smartphones

It is more likely to come in recent years and even get to introduced in 2019. The bendable or folding smartphones are quite in talk. Samsung and Lenovo are already onto this project where Lenovo already launched its prototype. Samsung on other hand is in discretion and might launch the rumoured flagship model ‘Samsung Galaxy X’ which will be the first foldable smartphone.

  • Li-Fi Technology

Messy wires and cables are going to be old school very soon as the Li-Fi technology emerges. The radio signals won’t work for all the solutions for going wireless technology with devices. Li-Fi technology use light to transmit data from one device to another. It will be another revolution in data transmission after Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but at the larger scale.

  • Augmented Reality

The 360 degree viewing technology comes with Augmented Reality gives the perception to the sight. The computer-generated sensory inputs like graphics, sound, GPS, video, images to enhance the viewing experience. It will be revolution in the visual information as AR is coming towards different section of applications like gaming, movies, location finding and what not. The GPS system will be adapting this technology with great grace and tremendous possibilities as well.

  • Smartphone In built projectors

Well, projectors surely have been part of smartphones for a time being but not exactly in conviction to be used at its best. It didn’t come to the mainstream to replace the viewing experience as it had lot of drawbacks and quality flaws. But now, in-built projects will catch up in more conviction, high-resolution and easy to use. There will be also smart cameras to capture the moment in 3D for projection.