All you need to know about Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

With the help of transactional SMSs, a consumer gets rid of unwanted messages and yet receives the messages that are important to him. One gets different types of promotional messages these days, which can become a source of irritation. Many people want to get rid of these messages but they do not do anything about it as they think they will stop receiving important messages like their bank messages, PNR enquiry and other booking related messages. However, with transactional messages this is not a thing to be worried about any more. Once you activate transactional messages you get rid of all the unwanted promotional texts and get only what you need. The best part of transactional messages if that it works even if you switch on the do not disturb facility.

The primary difference between transactional and promotional message is that promotional messages can be turned off by switching on the do not disturb service. However, it cannot be done for the transactional messages as they bear important messages only. If you are looking for best transactional SMS provider in India then you will have to keep a few things in mind. You will notice that many companies provide the transactional SMS service. However, you should not blindly trust any provider and do your research beforehand.

As the first step, you will have to make a list of companies that provide transactional SMS related services. You can prepare the list by searching the internet or you can also ask for recommendations from your known circle. After preparing for the list you will have to compare the companies in terms of their experience, expertise and pricing. It is important that you know transactional SMS price in India to make sure that no company is overcharging you. In order to gain an idea about the pricing you can ask around people who have already availed the service. Again, you can take help of the internet as well. However, make sure that while preparing the list you do not get lured to companies offering you to serve at unbelievably low prices. Such companies generally compromise on the quality of their services and thus provide such low rates. You should be aware of such companies.

After comparing the companies on the mentioned parameters you will be able to select a single company or two that will stand out from the rest. Now, you will have to do some more research on these companies. You must check their online ratings and reviews to get an idea about their quality of service. A good company should have high quality ratings and praise worthy reviews. The company you are selecting should also have a strong customer base as it will speak volumes about its quality of service. You should also check the company website to clear any additional doubt that you might have. You can also opt for calling the company to know about its pricing and other details. Following these steps you will have to best transactional SMS provider for your business.