How to Improve Your Wifi Signal


If you are looking for ways to boost your wifi signal, here are 4 ways to go about doing this…

  1. Choose a Suitable Place for the Router

There are only certain places where your router can be used effectively. Try and avoid putting the router near any objects which are metallic. Also, we would recommend keeping the router completely separate from appliances that use electromagnetic waves, as this will interrupt the wifi signal. The best place to put the router is in the centre of your home, which allows you to pass the signal throughout your home. To boost the signal further, try and put it at a raised level.

  1. Regularly Update Your Router

You will have likely heard the news recently about the many different malware attacks that are creating havoc for businesses up and down the country, costing them millions of dollars to sort. This can be prevented if you regularly update your router. If your router becomes infected, it can be very difficult to sort the issue without causing a lot of damage. Sure, it is a security risk, but routers which has out of date firmware also don’t provide as good as a signal as up to date routers.

  1. Invest in a Router with a Powerful Antenna

The vast majority of WiFi routers have rather weak and unsuitable antennas. If you can find a router with a more powerful antenna, definitely consider buying one. Sure, the size will be rather big, but you will rather have a better signal I am sure. Amazon will likely have a huge selection of routers to choose from, so do your research and buy one right away.

  1. Go Ahead and Buy a WiFi Repeater or a WiFi Extender

You will likely see a range of WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders which are for sale. Despite their different names, they all do the same thing. They help by amplifying the signal around the house so that you have a strong signal throughout. They are not cheap, so you may have to spend around $100 to get a really good one that will do the job you require. There is no need to get a broadband installation service to fit a repeater. All you need to do is plug it in, and the repeater will pick up your router, and begin to amplify the router right away.

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