What You Should Do Before Taking Your Computer to The Repair Shop

Repair Shop

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of writing that super important email your computer can just crash. Or maybe you spilt some coffee on your laptop by accident?

No matter what it is, you may be tempted to just rush down to your local computer repair shop for a pc repairs but you may be able to do some things yourself before you go to the repair shop, and it might even save you a trip or at least some reduced turnaround time.

Restart Your Computer

If you’ve ever called a help desk for IT, you’ve heard the question ‘Have you tried turning it on and off again?’ each time.

There’s a good reason they ask this. Restarting your laptop or computer can help refresh your system and solve some bugs. So before you panic, do try and turn it on and off again before you continue, and if the problem persists, then you should follow the next steps.

Check For Updates

One other thing to consider is to update your computer. This is very useful if you’re experiencing bugs or lag in the running of your computer. It’s important to keep in mind that updates take quite a long time to download and implement, so if you need a quick fix, this may not be the solution.  But it is important to consider this as an option.

Backup Your Data

If you can, before you head to the repair store, back up your computer. This may be hard to do if the computer isn’t responding, but sometimes the things that PC repair technicians do will wipe your data, or cause data loss.

In order to keep some peace of mind, you should commit to frequent computer backups anyway, this way if something out of the ordinary happens, you will be less stressed about your data.

Unfortunately, data loss is common, so backups should be a regular part of your tech maintenance.

Run Troubleshooting

Occasionally, the software itself can identify the issue and help you fix the issue as well. Oftentimes, all you have to do is use a series of commands or use a program to run a troubleshooting program, which can then identify any potential issues within the computer’s backend.

In addition to this, most operating systems have a free online support system, with forums where people who have similar issues may flag solutions that worked for them, and these solutions may work for you as well.

Check Warranty

Nothing sounds better than a free repair. This can be the case if you know what your computer’s warranty is and can work within it. Additionally, if you open up your laptop with a third party, your warranty may actually be void.

So, make sure you take a look, so you can explore the possibility of having a repair or replacement done for free. If you do this, be sure to read the fine print, because there can be hidden costs.

Get Some Quotes

Not all repair services are the same, and not all of them will offer free quotes. But if you can, shop around and see if people can offer you some ballpark for how much the repair will cost and how long it will take.

If you’re on the fence about a company, it’s wise to look into reviews on third-party websites such as Google.

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