Why cross-platform mobile app development tools beat hybrid, native


In this world of technology, when are yearning for technology and running towards a digital world, smartphone is ruling every human brain on this planet, I guess.

Developing such mobile apps which are compatible to every platforms and devices is the real game play in this decade. Until now, there was no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to mobile app development. With the evolution of platforms, the mobile app development industry is going through rise in cross-platform mobile app development. Taking advantage of the available tools and technologies, developing hybrid mobile apps by beating native app development that work across different platforms and devices is in the trend.


Let us go through the terms, we are going around in this post.

What is a cross platform?

  • Platform independent software
  • Functions over more than one platform
  • most functionality and customization is offered
  • Developers build a hybrid app that will work with multiple platforms.
  • Hybrids is a good option for developers for building gaming application

What is a Native Platform?

  • Platform independent software
  • Functions only over the same platform
  • Geo-location tagging allows companies to tailor their promotional and loyalty opportunities.
  • Analytics about a user’s actions can be captured and analysed, and by making it easier to judge the worth of app and features for which is developed.

Nowadays we have a mobile application for every need: dating, ride sharing, insurance claims, email, music, finance, gaming, etc. If you can imagine it, it is right there already to download. On a large scale, users expect to do business with the companies or the enterprises via their mobile devices through the mobile applications.

Many mobile applications are going in hand of cross platform development. This is not because of its platform independency, but it’s optimised cost also make it a reason to go over the native apps.


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Why Cross Platform Hybrid development is in?


  • Single code lines across multiple platforms.
  • Don’t wait for approvals for updation
  • Use existing web and don’t  bring on additional resources.
  • Does not need any API development as it’s all handled via the web.

Difference between the native app and the hybrid app


Native AppHybrid App
More securePortable
Best in class user experienceLess in organisational cost
Can be used offlineBetter responsiveness
Performance enrichedAccessible through plug-ins


You can read anywhere on the internet regarding the debate over Hybrid or Native. But here we are discussing why cross platform beat the native development! Cross platform development can be describes as, “code once and run and run”. You just need to code once here and your application is done.It needs a single business logic in the code which vanishes the number of bugs when you develop an app for more than one platform.

Cross platform application development is very much favorable for gaming. As this independent platform software has a great responsiveness, it is opted for developing gaming applications for mobiles.