The Secrets Behind A Great Website


Everyone wants their website to be as good as possible in order to attract more customers and to stand out from the competition. There are several ways that you can make sure that your website is very effective.

So, what are the secrets behind a great website? There are several golden rules which will make your website a success. Don’t worry about being technically-minded because you can always hire a professional company to do web design in Leigh for you.

Pages That Load Quickly

Your homepage and other pages need to load quickly in order to maintain the interest of the people who are clicking onto the site. If they are having to wait a long time for the pages to load, then they will get frustrated and they will not want to complete a purchase.

Instead, they will go to another website which is working properly and they will make a purchase there. You can test the speed of your pages and then work out if things need to be improved. One of the main reasons why pages load slowly is if the images have not been formatted correctly or if they are simply too big. Make sure that the images are the right size, and this will shorten the page loading time.

An Eye Catching Home Page Image

The homepage is the first thing that visitors to the website will see. You need to but a lot of careful thought into the images which are going to be used on the home page because these often act as a hook to draw people in and to get them excited about using the website that they are visiting.

A Good Text-To-Image Ratio

You need to strike a balance when you are putting the text and images into your website. This is a balancing act – too much of a focus on text can be boring for some web users and they might go to another website which has more images. A professional company offering web design will help you with the text-to-image ratio.

If you overload your website with images, this can affect the page loading speed, as was discussed earlier in the article. You might also find that users are confused by lots of images or they might not be able to find the information which they are searching for.

Fantastic Photographs Of Your Products Or Service

You want potential customers to feel like they are going to get a quality product or service from you. This means that you shouldn’t settle for having second-rate images on your website. Take quality photographs of the products or services being offered.

Dynamic And Interesting Text

Some people struggle to come up with dynamic and interesting text for their website. The words you use on the site will have a direct influence on visitors and they will be motivated to buy your products or services. If you are struggling to think of engaging text, you can always hire a writer.

Creating a great website is relatively simple as long as you are following the basic principles which have been discussed here.