Hot Tech Gadget Gift Ideas for the 2014 Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is almost upon us! Are you stymied about what to buy for those Tech Geeks in your life? Do you need a list of popular Tech Gadgets to add to your gift idea list? Of course you can always splurge and buy your Geek a new iPad 2 for $499 or for just under $200 you can get the Geek an Amazon Kindle Fire, but if you have a large shopping list, you might want a list of less expensive Geek toys. If you aren’t rolling in dough, you can get some great gadgets for under $50.

Do you live in the frigid cold? Do your fingers go numb with that cold when you want to tap a text on your iPhone or Droid phone? The answer may just be a pair of AGloves, an innovative brand of gloves that uses woven silver to conduct bioelectricity from your skin to the screen. Now you can still you your phone while riding the chair lift. These great gloves are only about $18 and make a great little gift for that Geek in your life. (Maybe you ought think about buying a pair of these gloves for yourself as well…)

Speaking of the cold reminds me that the power goes out often in the winter. A great and practical gift is the Universal DC to AC Car Charger Power Adapter which will let you charge your laptop or cell phone in your car. It works like a wall outlet in the car through the cigarette lighter. You can use it with either a USB cable or your standard AC plug. You can find it and other cool gift ideas at the Holiday Gift Guide page at batteries4less.

Need more power outlets? Do you have a cramped space and hate the clutter of a large surge protector? The handy Pivot Power, swivels around furniture and hard to reach places and still provides some protection against power surges. For under $30 it’s a great gift idea for just about anyone on your list.

Remember to stock up on essentials for the holidays. You should get spare camera batteries so you don’t miss capturing any of those one-of-a-kind moments. But more than anything, have fun this season and don’t stress out over the little things.