Portable Chargers – Don’t Get Ripped


The use of mobile phone has revolutionized the way of communication between two or multiple entities, be it about talking, chatting, sharing documents, videos, audios or even working. A mobile for an Aussie has become a critical part of its routine survival. The use of this technology is ubiquitous, you cannot imagine going out and about without not only your phone but an extra power bank or a portable mean of charging your phone as well which too, is a mandatory gadget to carry along while traveling across Australia.

There are multiple types of portable power chargers up for grabs but you cannot just go and buy it as everyone wants to put its hands on the quality product. There are certain specifications that you must consider while buying a power bank because a good power source would not only keep you at peace but also increase the life and health of your mobile device. Considering the common and imperative use of power banks in routine life, below are given a few things that you must consider while intending to buy a portable power source for your mobile, such as:

Size & Weight Matters

The first thing to consider is the need for the power you require to keep your phone going and running without blinking the eyes. For instance, if you need it as a secondary source to keep your phone topped up until you find a nearby power outlet to charge it, then your requirement would be a pocket friendly and compact portable charger Australia while if you are a wanderlust who keep roaming around to far-flung areas where there’s no nearby power outlet to charge your phone then you should buy a heavy duty power bank to seize the days.


To know about the capacity you would be requiring your charger to hit is dependent upon the usage frequency of the phone battery and the amount of mAh it takes to get charged (this is usually mentioned on the phone battery that how much milliampere-hours it requires). You can then divide the power capacity of a power charger with the required mAh of your mobile device to know how many times it would get charged through that specific power bank Australia.

Quality Matters

Not every portable power charger delivers at par with the mentioned mAh on its packaging because of the quality and material of the product matter. Low-quality chargers do not charge phones efficiently and hence tend to deliver up to 70% of what they promise on the face value while a good quality power bank has the capacity to hit around the 100% of what has been promised to deliver on its respective face value.

Amperage Matters

Amperage has an acronym AMP and it determines the speed of electrical charge which would be transferred from the power bank to the phone. In simple words, how fast or slow your phone will get charged by the use of an external power source. Mostly simple portable charger Australia has 1.0 AMP which charges your phone slowly while heavy duty ones would have 1 outlet of 1.0 AMP and 1 more of 2.0 AMP or maybe 2 of 2.0 AMP. Apart from determining the speed of charging, there are few mobile devices which do not support 2.0 AMP similarly, to charge heavy products like a tablet you will needing 2.0 AMP outlet to bring it closer to getting charged.

Charge Through Feature

Few portable power banks also support charge through feature which lets you charge your phone through the portable charger whilst it itself is getting charged by a power outlet. This means your charger and your phone is getting charged simultaneously via the same path. If you have these kinds of needs then you need to look for the solution accordingly.

Lastly, when it comes to the purchase of it you can rely on the online buying only if the brand and source selling it, is credible because there are many power banks listed online at eBay and Amazon which do not deliver what they promise for; therefore, going by the brand name and the authenticity of the source selling it is of paramount importance to keep yourself safe from getting ripped.