The Best LED TVs Money Can Buy


Like everyone else, you are probably thinking about buying a brand new big screen TV to watch movies, try gaming with your new console on and generally enjoy the holidays. Obviously, 4K is the feature that everyone is talking about, but else should you look for in order to get the best TVs for the money? We know what’s important and with that, let take a look at the top models that offer the best value for the money!

Note with regards to 4K: if possible always go for the 4K TV with the larger screen. The differences in quality among 4K TVs are harder to notice on small screen TVs. A 4K TV is one that displays at least 8 million active pixels, and has a minimum resolution of 3,840 by 2,160. These pixels are likely to do a better job if more space is available. 4K technology has become a lot more affordable over the last few years and it is now easy to find a large screen $K TV for under $1, 500. If you your internet connection is fast enough, then you can enjoy some good shows on Netflix and Amazon in $k. More films are also being released in 4K through on-demand streaming services such as Vudu. 

1. Samsung UN65JU7100 – $2,500

When it comes to new features and durability, Samsung probably makes the best High Definition TVs money can buy. There are many different Samsung models but if you were to rank them, the UN65JU7100 would come first. It literally has a bit of everything for anyone looking for a HDTV that has it all.

First, it features 3D and 4K capabilities that provide cutting edge imaging for both formats. Wi-Fi is among the smart features it comes with, which is great for those who don’t use set top boxes. That’s not all; those with set top boxes can enjoy the 3 USB and 4 different HDMI ports as they make it easy to connect the TV to sophisticated non-receiver type entertainment system. The TV has a fairly high refresh rate (249 CMR). While not everyone may find this to be important, it makes a big difference when playing games that are heavy on graphics.

The TV also offers several choices size-wise, with 40-inch and 75-inch models available. The 65 inch models is probably the most popular since it is the optimal size that anyone looking to enjoy 3D and 4K content should go for without having to make a step down from their current TVs size-wise.

2. Vizio M55-c2 – $800

Ok, we understand that $2,500 is a hefty sum to spend on a single TV – even for those who always go for nothing but the best. If you are on a smaller budget, you could try this Vizio 55 inch TV instead. For about $800, you will still be able to enjoy 4K resolution and the maximum 120Hz refresh rate. This is the TV that those who still don’t fancy 3D and only want to enjoy the superior Ultra HD resolution. It has numerous smart features, including 5 HDMI ports and a single USB port you can use to access content from attached storage devices.

Apart from this, the M55-c2 is pretty much a bare bones model, but this kind of adds to the charms since you probably already have most of the bells and whistles you want in the set up. It is a good, easily mountable screen on which to watch high quality images. The model also has multiple screen sizes you can pick from, but it gets quite expensive when you start looking at 65 inch options or bigger.

Sharp LC-55UB3oU – $1,200

This model was probably designed for someone who likes both top two picks but is looking for something they can’t quite offer. It is packed with most of the features that make both of them great purchases, such as a 120 Hz refresh rate, 4K capabilities and a ton of smart features. What really makes the Sharp LC-55UB3oU stand out is the emphasis on the input options. Not only does it offer multiple USB and HDMI ports, but also options for composite, component and digital optical audio/video out. These input options make this TV a great option for those who posses older devices that use many traditional connection options that some of the latest HDTVs just don’t possess. If your needs go beyond making HDMI connections, then this is the TV that you should choose to handle them for you.