The Best Ways to Prepare for the AWS Certification Course


Of late the importance of having certifications like the aws certifications have gone high in the IT market. Thanks to the number of benefits and perks it gives, more and more IT professionals are cracking these online certification exams having completed their AWS Certification Course. Well, once you make up your mind for appearing and cracking this certification, the very first thing that comes to your mind is how you will prepare. Well, the best way to make is to join an aws certification course. One can find many popular courses, which are seen corresponding to the associate level certifications for various IT professionals including Software Architects, Developers, and System Operators. The following are some of the ways of preparing for the certification apart from getting your aws developer training done on time. Let’s check them out as under:

Download the official exam guides

First things first, to focus on your studies for your certification, you can visit the official website of the AWS certification homepage and start downloading the exam guides. Here you can find set of question sets along with the practice exams, which will help in preparing for the certification. The exam guide will help you in understanding the outlines of the topic related to your exam along with suggesting some of the white papers get them read. Do keep in mind that you have to come out from your comfort zone. For instance, if you come from a developer’s background you would still find networking to be a black art for you; hence you have to put yourself hard to start reading the same. Keep on the Google till you understand the concepts.

Try out the practice exam

You may find the practice exam costing you a bit of money around 20 USD, but it will help in finding the clear indication of the course content along with its style of the real exam you face as per your whims and fancies. You can see these exams to be of objective mode with multiple answer options. There are probably no simulations, and you can find the drag and drop exercises which are located in different vendor certification exams. One can find the associate exams to have 40 questions that have to be solved in 80 minutes along with the professional exams carrying 80 question in 170 minutes. The practice exams are of around half the length divided into 20 sets of questions to be cracked in 30 minutes.

The real exams are free from any tricky question without asking for any futile memorization exercises. Unlike in some of the vendor certifications, AWS has barely any kind of questions which any IT professional would never deny of knowing the same. Talking about the Associate exams, these are usually very much reasonable and straightforward options. These exams simply help in testing the things you know in this exam. They will check you the functionality you get to see the software thing. Take time to have a look at the Architect Associate exam. You would end up understanding how simple and straightforward are these certification exams.