3 Top Technologies That Will Make The Money World Go Round


Technology and financial investments are the faces of the same coin, as many times big budgets invested in futuristic devices turned out to be epic failures, while unpredictable results in financial outcome terms took place from rather small gadgets that caused a surprising bang. This century was definitely the era of great inventions, even greater developments and the world now faces even more challenges, both in terms of advancements and enormous sums of money being circulated in the world. Specialists from Citigroup, banks, financial consulting groups and financial journalists put their minds together and came up with a list of present and future technologies that will make a stand in human evolution and market share in the immediate future.

 Goodbye Cable TV?

It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but the trends show that sometime in the future, we won’t be needing cable TV anymore, as we’ll have everything we need directly on our computers. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and even YouTube gaining a stronger and stronger popularity and with companies already providing video services on the Internet, it’s likely that this revolution will take place, turning the millions into billions sooner than we expect. Television won’t die very soon, but alternatives to it are a constant preoccupation for the players in the media market.

Do you vape much?

In 2012, the electronic cigarette sold in an amount of 500 million dollars and financial analysts consider this year, the sum will double. What does this mean? It means that this relatively new technology (as it’s been here only for a decade) gathers more and more satisfied customers willing to buy everything related to the e-cig, from the USB chargeable blu electronic cigarette to beginners’ starter kits, mod kits, widely – ranging e-liquids and tons of accessories. Financial consultants within Wells Fargo predict that the electronic cigarette market will overcome the classic cigarette one in the immediate future, but no more than another decade. And considering that now manufacturers in the business have more and more opportunities to further develop the product, it only makes sense that we’ll witness surprising developments sooner rather than later…      

 Who forgot the pizza in the printer?

The newspapers’ ink didn’t dry well, and the news that the 4D printer as a future technological development came out from MIT. And when you thought the 3D one was spectacular and futuristic. This rather new technology that now is able to feed astronauts in space and become our personal kitchen factories. Wohlers Associates predict a market share of 6.7 billion dollars by 2016 and if you come to think of it, it’s not the money that counts, it’s the endless possibilities. They already managed to print a battery, food, even a gun (which raised some ethical controversy in the last months), and if MIT is right, the 4D technology is going to be even more spectacular. If you ever bump into the concept of 5D printing, it’s still a concept, but so were the e-cig, the flexible glass, the hydraulic fractioning, the alternative fuels or the USB technology at first.

Technology and money will make this world go round, without a doubt, as our health, quality of life and eve future as a species might depend on science’s ideas and the people investing in them.