5 Reasons IT Certifications Still Matter In 2018


Over the years a number of IT professionals seem to have a love or hate relationship with the certification process. However, at the end of the day, considering a number of benefits of having IT technology certifications, investing your time, money and efforts in these certifications become a worthy experience. In fact, the value of some IT certifications is far greater than the others. The experts often claim that the experience trumps certifications almost every time when you compare the qualifications between IT professionals. Having said that, there still many tangible reasons why IT certifications still matter in 2018, let’s check the 5 as under:

1). Headhunters search for certification keywords

One of the key reasons that certifications still matter are so headhunters that can easily find you using database keyword searches. Your online resume or LinkedIn profile can easily list down all your relevant experiences before your potential employers. So if you fail to have any certification of IT, you’re going to be overlooked as they often end up searching by certification keywords.

2). Expand your knowledge

Whenever you start the process of studying for a new aws training, these often are the study topics which you may already be familiar with as you work with the technology on your daily chores. Studying for your IT certifications simply broadens your technological horizons and takes you out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

3). If you have no experience, certifications are better than nothing

If you are looking for an opening in IT industry especially in a new specialization of work, but fail to have any hands-on experience, with your IT certification you can easily get placed in the company of your choice. If anything, it also shows prospective employers or the HR managers/recruiter that you really want to learn, and are very much keen to take the extra steps required to gain specific skill set.

4). Certifications create networks of like-minded people

Whether you are currently studying for or have already completed a particular certification, you can easily join the online discussion forums with a number of peers who also are keen working toward getting a certification exam. For a majority of several popular IT certifications, there are a number of websites where you can really ask or answer questions, which prospective test takers carry. In few of the instances, you can keep in touch with those who have met on certification forums.

5). Better discounts for consulting firms

If you are engaged in any IT consulting company then your certifications can be incredibly valuable to your company or employer. Your certifications be easily used to sell different IT services to your prospective clients but a number of technology vendors do generally sell their products at substantial discounts to all the vendors, which employ staff with specific levels and numbers of certifications. There are certain vendors found in the market who even need specific certifications before they actually allow the consulting company in order to sell a certain product to their clients. And that value should translate into a better salary for you.