LifeVac – What is it, and is it true this device can save lives?


The hand-held device LifeVac is marketed as a quick and simple solution for choking emergencies. Its flexible plunger device is attached to a faceguard that provides effective suction through the airways. Its suction is far greater than that provided by first-aid techniques. If your child or elderly relative chokes on a food or drink, the LifeVac can quickly remove the choking element and save their life.

Many users of LifeVac claim to be satisfied with its effectiveness. While the product is not yet clinically tested on humans, Mr. Gould has defended the device by citing the success of many patients and testimonials of people who used it. The manufacturer says it has 94% success rates on first-time uses and 100% on second-time attempts. The effectiveness of LifeVac is not at stake because of the product’s effectiveness; rather, it is based on the results of dozens of experiments on cadavers and models of human bodies.

Although LifeVac claims to save more than 20 lives in the world, the majority of its cases are outside the United States, and the data is not independently verified by independent organizations. One of the most striking examples of this is the story of Tina Monroe, a mother from Meridian, Idaho. Her son, Rhett, a 29-year-old cerebral palsy patient, choked on a French fry while driving on Interstate 84 near Boise.

Is LifeVac Approved?

Yes, but only for certain uses – check out LifeVac reviews for more information on this. Unlike other choking prevention devices, LifeVac is meant for use when a person is unconscious. In fact, it was almost used in Long Island. However, LifeVac creator Arthur Lih is not a physician and has no medical background. The company has never claimed that the product is approved by the FDA, and the firm has not conducted any clinical trials on live human beings.

Choking is the number one cause of death and morbidity in children, and it happens to one out of five children. The numbers are frightening – over 100 deaths of infants are due to choking incidents each year. Children instinctually place objects in their mouths and these emergencies can be catastrophic. A LifeVac suction device can enhance the safety of even the youngest two-year-old. If you’ve got a toddler or a sick grandparent, it’s time to invest in a LifeVac suction device.

There are no medical approvals needed for LifeVac. It is a Class II medical device, which means it does not require pre-market clearance from the FDA. As a single-use device, LifeVac is able to prevent contamination and is suitable for one use only. If you clean it properly, it will be safe for one patient. But if you have a child who’s had a stroke or other medical condition, don’t try to use LifeVac without a doctor’s approval.

Why Can LifeVac Only Be Used Once?

If you are considering purchasing the LifeVac, you may be wondering why it can only be used once. The company has not tested its device on human beings, and it isn’t FDA-approved. However, the company did publish a list of studies that back up the device, including two written by the inventor’s sister. LifeVac is not a medical device, but it is not considered a toy either.

The LifeVac has saved many lives. While the company stresses that it is only meant to be used once, it does not limit its uses. In case it does not work, you can contact the company and request another LifeVac for free. If you purchase a LifeVac kit, you can expect free shipping within the United States, as well as sporadic discounts on the manufacturer’s website. The LifeVac is available at several retail outlets and online.

Customers who have purchased LifeVac have been happy with their purchases. There are many positive customer testimonials on the Lifevac website. Customers have used the product and testified that it saved their lives. The manufacturer offers a 10-day money-back guarantee to protect its customers. Lifevac has a number of features and specifications to provide you with the ultimate respiratory device. This device is easy to use and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. It takes just a few minutes to use the Lifevac.

The LifeVac was invented by a mother who had lost her son because of choking. A grape lodged in her son’s windpipe prevented the Heimlich maneuver from saving the boy. The device has saved 201 lives since it was first developed. Its maker has since placed the LifeVac in 900 schools across the U.S. before it was approved for sale. It has helped save 147 lives in children.

LifeVac Reviews – Are LifeVac Reviews True?

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard of LifeVac, the patented suction device that can save a child’s life in an emergency. It’s inexpensive, compact, and lightweight, and has been recommended by several doctors. Its ease of use and effectiveness have led to hundreds of lives being saved by its users. There are also many LifeVac reviews and real-life user stories. In addition, LifeVac is so small that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Reviews on the LifeVac are overwhelmingly positive, and they show the product’s efficiency as an emergency life-saver. However, there are some drawbacks to the device, which can make it difficult for people to use. It is not a substitute for the Heimlich maneuver and requires specific choking protocols. It can only be used on people, not animals. If you’re in an emergency situation with a choking child, LifeVac may not be the best choice for you, but it can help your child survive.

The LifeVac works by using suction to remove the obstruction in the victim’s airway. It must be positioned over the mouth or nose of the person in distress. Once in place, you must pull up the suction valve. The valve should only open one way, so you’ll want to ensure that the pulling force is strong enough to remove the obstruction. The entire process takes only a few seconds, and you’ll be free of the Heimlich maneuver.