Every feature of LG G7 is terrific


LG G6 – one of the best Android smartphones. It costs less than $ 700, which is approximately at the level of G5 prices. G6 view proves that the big screen will fit on a relatively compact smartphone. Competitor note Google Pixel XL – clean interface Android Nougat, Google Assistant, Snapdragon processor 821, an excellent camera, and all this for $ 750. If we compare here the price of LG G7, the price for the upcoming beast is in the cards to be around 932.318 USD.

OnePlus 3T costs less than $ 440, while it has a Snapdragon processor 821 and 6GB of RAM. The camera is not as high quality, but still good. LG G6 will remain relevant for at least another 2-3 years. LG G7 price anterior of its hi-class features like Snapdragon 845 processor, Adreno 630 GPU, Android O, is completely acceptable.

The design concept of LG G6 is very appreciable. Left to the body are the volume buttons, carried them back to the device, although it is convenient, I think, but it’s an amateur. On the opposite side is a combined slot. The bottom is a connector for USB C, microphone, and speaker. The location is not very good, you’d better have stereo speakers, but this surprised us. Say more, it is one of the best speakers we’ve tested on devices with protection against water and dust. Yes, this feature has this model. It is also strong, not broken when throwing on the tile, but you better not abuse such things. Vehicles, but believe a better word for it. LG certainly did their best to protect your smartphone from virtually all diseases of external influence. The same dedicated and deliberate efforts LG is going to put on for its upcoming champ LG G7. The hearsay is that we may welcome G7 having stereo speakers at the screen top.

Talking further about the design concept, above is only a headphone jack and an optional microphone. The sound in the headphones is stunning. In general, the sound in the model is very good “pump” in all possible ways, undeniable dignity device. And the sound is excellent, not only for music but also good with headphones and games and movies or even watching YouTube sounds very well and in detail. We could anticipate the same terrific sound involvement for our upcoming hero LG G7.

LG G6 looks awesome from behind as well. From behind, LG G6 looks like a man with eyes, nose and surprised expression on her face, interesting. There is a pattern in our market in three colors: black, platinum, white. LG has not unveiled the color variants for G7 metallic body but we don’t have to worry about it as keeping in view the other features of LG G7, we can surely say that the color variants for the upcoming champ LG G7 will be work as the cherry on the cake and hike the supreme beauty of the G7 smartphone with a lustrous appearance.

Info Source: LGG7D.com