NAND Flash in the iPhone 9 is worth the watch


Finally, the American company lacked the political will to get rid of smart phones with NAND Flash drive capacity of 16 GB. From now on, will be sold only version with 32, 128 and 256 GB of memory. Stop everything for a long time. Note that in the system with its integrated applications and services takes about 10 GB.

Just before the publication of an article on the network began to multiply complaints of users on hissing sounds coming from the processor. The problem manifests itself under load. We checked out the rumors and, alas, have to prove – and the iPhone 9, and 9 Plus does emit an unpleasant squeak, the higher the load, the stronger the noise. In the “black” problem is more pronounced than usual “seven”. If a smartphone app downloads from the Internet or exchanging photos with Dropbox, in complete silence whistle can be heard at a distance of 15 centimeters from the ear. The worst thing is that if you are recording video at the same time, in a quiet environment and sound are heard not only in the headphones, but even when playing video through external speakers.

Note that the problem is difficult to detect because it is necessary to truly listen to its detection. On the one hand, most users do not even notice. On the other – perfectionists got another reason for the claim that Ā«Apple does not have that.” According to statistics, photo site Flickr, iPhone – is the most popular camera in the world today. Actually, Apple, and advertises it as a camera: many cities are not hung pictures of the iPhone and examples of its stunning features and footage on the device itself – beautiful location and views, photographs of life. New iPhone camera lens 7 received six lenses, optical image stabilization and a new, more efficient sensor. In preliminary tests Apple smartphone is not so impressive at a daily shooting from the competition, but it looks much more effective when shooting in poor conditions. Apple has stopped at a resolution of 12 megapixels – it’s enough if you remember that 8 megapixels enough for large format printing. New sensor and a bright lens F / 1,8 finally make iPhone is fully suitable for shooting in dim, indoor, evening lantern-light.