Images Are Important but Content Is King in SEO


If you’ve heard of search engine optimisation (SEO) but you’re not the owner of a business or the seller of products online, you may assume that this subject is not important to you. But you’d be wrong in this assumption. If you buy products or services online, you have already been directly involved with SEO simply because you typed an important word or two as you searched for the item that you wanted.

Of course, if you’re offering products and services through an online store, the level of importance rises significantly. In fact, if you’re trying to attract people to your website for any service or product, understanding and using SEO is essential. Look closely at the words used: “search engine optimisation”. Potential customers are searching for you and what you offer. The engine is the technical process by which keywords lead these people to your site. As a business, you’re trying to optimise this search to make it work better for you and for the potential customer.

Basically Speaking

This is certainly a basic description of how SEO works. But take a look at it from another point of view. Some sites experience thousands of visits every day. If yours is not getting this level of traffic, it’s because there is a difference between your marketing efforts and theirs. Well-executed SEO is the key to online success. If you’re on the first page of Google, for example, you’re twice as likely to be visited than if you’re on the second page.

If you haven’t brought in the help of an SEO company (บริการ seo) to help with this part of your business, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. You can change this with the help of experienced professionals, especially those who can help you produce the content that you need for your website (or sites).

You may wonder why the word “content” was brought into the discussion at this point. Stop for a moment to think about what you read about keywords. If a person is using Google or another search engine to find the product you offer or the service you offer, he or she will type in specific words that he or she hopes will lead him or her to the right site. You have to have the correct words and phrases on your pages so that the search terms the potential customer uses leads him or her in the right direction.

Organic, Local, Mobile

Again, this is a very basic description of how the process works but it should give you the idea that your content and the other factors in your marketing program must be accurate and effective. For example, organic SEO should be the core of your efforts. An experienced SEO professional will conduct a thorough site audit to identify the most effective keywords that you should be targeting. The process continues with optimising your site so that potential customers using those terms will find your content.

You should also work with specialists who can help you with local SEO and mobile SEO because customers are using smartphones to connect with businesses worldwide as well as locally. When you talk to a representative, be sure to ask about social media marketing as well. You’ll be glad you did.