Technology Accessories to Pack for Any Trip


Are you preparing to go on holiday or to go out of town on a business trip? If you are, you probably have a very long packing list already. However, there are a few key items related to your electronics that you need to make certain are on that list. If they’re not, you may arrive at your destination and discover that you can’t charge your devices or make full use of them because you’ve forgotten a few key items. Here are some of the devices you may take and things you’ll need to have.

Your Laptop

If you’re going on a business trip and will be working off your laptop, you want to make sure you have your power cable. If you don’t, once your laptop runs down you won’t have any way of powering it back up. You should also make sure you have your mouse if you prefer to use that instead of the laptop’s built-in touchpad.

Your Tablet

If you use a tablet, there are a few things you’ll need. In addition to your charging cord, make sure you have your wall adapter if they are two separate pieces. Otherwise, you’ll be searching for a USB port to charge your tablet from. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, make sure you have that and any charging cable it takes as well. If you use a stylus and the tablet doesn’t have a slot it slides into, be sure you’ve got that as well.

Your Phone

Do you have your iPhone cable and wall adapter to charge your device? If not, you may have to search for a replacement cable once you arrive and that can be stressful. Make certain you’ve got your charging cable before you leave home. Also check to see that you have your car adapter if you plan on charging your iPhone in the car. You may also want to take your iPhone dock with you if you routinely use this device to charge your iPhone at night. While it’s not any different than using a wall adapter and charging cable, some people prefer to remain consistent with the technology they use.

Your Data

If you’re going out of town on a business trip and will need to make a presentation or report, you may need to have a number of reports and other research with you. Taking paper copies of this research is an option, but that can take up a lot of room in your luggage. If you’re flying it also adds weight, which can result in an extra charge due to airline weight restrictions. Instead, you can have all of this data on your laptop or tablet, but you may also want to carry a USB drive with the information on it, especially if you’re not taking another device.

Another option is to have your information on a shared drive. These drives can be accessed via username and password from anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s even possible to set up your computer to be shared and access everything on it, although that can be a risk because your computer could be turned off if power were to go out at your home or office.