Understanding the workflow system & its benefits


Workflow system is a platform that combines various tools into one application which can help in automating the processes which involve both machine and human tasks. Workflows can integrate the existing systems which allow the administrators to connect and transfer data between applications as a part of workflow processes. Document workflow automation offered by Checkbox has various features that can benefit your organization. For additional info on the workflow automation software, USA’s Leading Document Automation Software Company.

Inclusions in the workflow system:

  • Process Builder: This can help in building an automated process flow. Process means a series of tasks that takes place which helps in achieving a business outcome. If you make use of a process designer in a workflow system, the activities and rules can be illustrated and you can identify the actions to see if they are automated from another system or by a person. The drag and drop system can create a custom workflow which can help in streamlining your business process by automating the manual steps in the workflow.
  • Form Designer: It can allow users to build dynamic and sophisticated forms that can gather input from end users like employees, customers and vendors and then feed it into the process. If the end user chooses their department in a form, the process would route the information to someone in that particular department.
  • Workflow Engine: The decision involves transitioning to a specific path, action or a task in a workflow. An example can be assigning a task to someone or saving a document to a specific folder in a document management system.
  • Reporting Tools: The metrics and data captured during the execution of a process are stored in the workflow system. Data can be compared over time or can be used to track the performance of anyone involved in the process. Information and work reports can be displayed in real time and can be scheduled for distribution when the users require them. Dashboards can help in painting a complete picture which can be easily shared around the organization. The tools provide a workflow analysis that would keep a business or department running smoothly.

Benefits of a Workflow System

  • Reduces the chances of rework and errors
  • All requests are properly handled with records
  • Personalized and unified request experience for employees
  • Allows aligning tasks with appropriate skill sets
  • Helps improve compliance with audit trails
  • Speeds up and streamlines the internal processes by reducing request handling and manual data entry
  • Increases productivity and output
  • Identifies and removes barriers or hindrances in the workflow
  • Monitors the progress of the team in their work
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork drastically and its associated costs
  • Tracks the request status in real time, whether the request is completed, pending, in-progress and so on
  • Identifies the trend in performance over the time
  • Reduces the license overhead for enterprise systems
  • Reduces the need for exception handling with business rules and the need for manual decision making

Implementing workflow automation software in your organization like the one offered by Checkbox would help you achieve your goals easily! If you need additional info on the same, visit their website.