WIFI hotspot for conventions via Tradeshow Internet

Internet Kit

Trade Show Internet offers temporary solutions for internet connectivity for trade fairs, conferences, corporate meetings, and events outdoor. Our 4 G Internet Kits offer temporary WIFI solutions for up to 15 devices and are available in all cases. The WIFI broadband hotspot provides the ideal bandwidth for browsing the web and e-mail checks and software demonstrations Trade Show Internet’s mobile WiFi Internet kit requires no IT experience, software or special knowledge. The rental of WiFi event was never easy. Your 4 G Internet Kit will be delivered to a local office or hotel via FedEx one business day ahead. For a convenient return of your temporary wireless Internet rental kit, a Prepaid FedEx Ground return label will be included in the package. Our temporary Wi-Fi rental solutions are usually built “short term” for three days of use and monthly packages during busy trade show seasons.

Increased visitor involvement, faster and seamless communication with the network are the keys to a successful event. Our designed temporary WiFi rental solutions are typically short term, for three days, but monthly packages are available during busy trade show seasons for your convenience. If you have a large booth, a session or an office that requires commercial WLAN for more than 15 device connections, you can also rent multiple kits (see the Mega Internet Kit here, for temporary WLAN service for up to 100 devices and very big boots). Our 4G Internet Kit has been developed for every event -large or small -to be the last portable WiFi solution.

The 4G Kit Benefits:

AT&T 4 G backup modem for each kit included Internet speeds up to 15 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up to 60 ‘ x 60 ‘ WIFI covers Works with iPads, kiosks, laptops, smartphones, printing, and other devices secure wired and wireless network (WIFI) for a maximum 15 devices New 5 GHz WIFI (802.11a) at low risk of WIFI internet access (with WIFI).

Your 4G Internet Kit Derives With:

  • Protecting Carrying Case
  • Cradle Point MBR1400 Broadband Router
  • Power Adaptor
  • Verizon Wireless 4G USB Modem
  • AT&T 4G USB Modem (backup)
  • Networking Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 24 by 7 Telephone Mechanical Support