5 Myths About Industrial Robots You Should Know


Looking back a few decades ago, when robotics was still a dream, we can see how far this industry has come. Along that road, we have accumulated a ton of information about these machines; some true, others not so true.

Even in the industrial workspace, there are still so many workers and managers wo don’t truly understand robots. And this results in so many complications when it comes to automation.

So, in this article, we’ll look into five myths you should stop believing.

1.Robots will take over industries

This is one of the most popular beliefs among both workers and employers. It’s mainly based on sci-fi movies that spread the notion that a robot can operate by itself – which is completely false.

In fact, despite AI robots being able to adapt to certain situations, there are very few industrial robots, if any, that can operate autonomously.

And this situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

This is because, crucial skills such as critical thinking and decision making can’t be programmed into a robot. They can only be found in human workers. In any case, studies show that the human-robot reliance in manufacturing will be greater than ever in the coming years.

2.Robots are only for mass-production industries

Yet another big misconception in industries, is that only ‘big’ industries require robots. It stems from the initial belief that you only need robots if you are dealing with large-scale production.

This is FALSE!

The goal of robotic automation is to improve productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in your industry. So, regardless of the size of your production, a robot can be beneficial to your business.

Modern robots, such as collaborative robots are designed to fit the needs of any industry. Manufacturers today are designing robots with smaller end grippers, better vision systems, and even better sensor system, to ensure maximum flexibility for all industries.

Therefore, even if you don’t run a high-volume operation, you can always invest in a small industrial robot to maximize your productivity.

3.Robots are Expensive

When the manufacturing of robots began, in the early 1940s, the cost of robots was ridiculously high. As a result, very industries could afford, and only the well-financed manufacturers could enjoy that luxury.

This mentality has boiled down generations, and it’s still in motion even today. But that’s no longer the case anymore.

Factories today have focused on mass production of high-quality robots, which has resulted in lower prices. The cost of automation designs and development has also significantly reduced, making robots very cheap.

Moreover, the ROI of robots today is significantly high, hence it’s a good investment for the industry.

4.Robots require experts to operate

Robotic technology has drastically changed over the years. The complex, robust system used in traditional robots isn’t the same one in operation today.

The programming of these robots is also very different now. Before, only experts could understand their programming, but now, in the age of Cobots, anyone can do it! You don’t even need prior programming experience to work on the robots.

This, therefore, means that you don’t have to worry about hiring an extra team of experts to manage the robots. Your existing team can easily be trained and handle the robot effectively.

5.Robots will take away jobs

I saved the best for last. This myth is the most popular among every worker, even those who don’t work in industries. But it’s completely false.

If anything, robots are creating more jobs than they are ‘taking away.’

According to manufacturers, robots are a ticket to better productivity, improving product quality, and improving worker safety, not stealing their jobs.

Furthermore, the jobs handled by robots are all strenuous, hazardous, and repetitive. So, they’re actually making the workplace much safer.

Final thoughts

For a long time, we’ve been living with myriads of myths about robots that just don’t add up. It’s time you change that and learn the true value of what robots can do for your industry.

Above are but a few of the many myths you may believe, that are completely untrue! So, before you choose to believe another thing about robots, take some time and learn the truth.

Because the truth is, robots are the key to unlocking your production potential!