Factors to Consider When to Selecting the Best Roomba for pets


IRobot has a solid reputation in creating high-end feature-packed pet hair robot cleaners that get the job done efficiently and smartly. They also make smart and simple units that cost as per the budgets of the most average household. Whichever budget and needs you have, there are various things you should pay attention to when selecting the best Roomba for pets.

The Breed of Your Pets

The breed of the pets you’ve should be the first fundamental consideration. As a pet owner, you must assess the breed and species of pets alongside the malts, thickness, and length of the hairs they produce. If your pets malt quite frequently and require cleaning your floor daily, you must search for a more advanced Roomba that packs solid navigation technology. We suggest you settle for the latest iRobot Roomba motors like the S9, 900, and i7 series.

Cleaning Surface

If the areas to be cleaned are larger and include multiple rooms, you should consider getting Roombas that have smart mapping and VSLAM since they will effectively navigate such areas, offering more efficient cleaning. For smoother and effective cleaning, you may need to search Roombas with additional virtual wall barriers as they make the navigations way more efficient. In such instances, avoid old versioned Roombas with the standard iAdapt 1.0.

Floor Type

If you have a hard floor, search for a robot vacuum cleaner with lower suction power. As for those with denser and thicker carpets, search for Roombas with more powerful motors. And for those with extra larger carpeted homes, they are advised to ensure they get the latest versions of iRobot vacuums that packs stronger and more powerful motors.

Personal Budget

There is a wide range of Roombas in the market today all of which differ in the feature they pack and their costs. Roombas are efficiently designed to ease your work of cleaning pet hair both at home and in offices, meaning these are some of the most investments you can ever make. Roombas with high-end sensors, complex Al, and mapping cameras are more efficient as well as costly. Whichever budget you have, you will get a high-end and reliable iRobot unit that will match your search criteria.


These are the fundamentals of finding the best Roomba for your pet hair cleaning jobs both at home and at workplaces. If the pets you are rearing happens to be shedding large amounts of hair every day, you should search for an advanced Roomba model that packs the most amazing features and powerful motor system. In the event the pets you have do not shed lots of hair, you should settle for older versioned and cheaper Roomba models. Provided you check out this guide on choosing the best Roomba for pets, you are sure to discover the perfect product for you.