The principles of bulk SMS marketing

SMS marketing

The sphere of bulk SMS advertising in Chennai is fairly new, but it models itself on the principles of marketing. No magic formula does exist in case of it. If you do the right things you get the right results and a wrong practice will lead to poor results. In order to ensure that bulk marketing is a success you need to follow the below steps.

Availing phone numbers

This is indeed common sense! You need to have phone numbers of customers in order to market your services or products to them. The best way to achieve this would be to take it from people with their permission. This can be achieved via a single in form on the website where you provide something free for the customers. At the same time you can rent phone list from other sources, but you need to verify the source.

From the business point of view, capturing the phone numbers of customers has to be one of the main priorities. If there is no phone list you should not be even discussing about bulk marketing SMS.

Segregation of phone list

No mistakes to the fact that each customer’s needs are unique. So as expected they are not going to respond in the same manner as you intend them to respond. So establishing channels of communication to them would be a waste of resources.

It would be better to segregate your phone list under various categories. In certain cases they segregate themselves by behaviour. In case of others it could be via the source of surveys. Another option would be to roll out specialized and personal information to customers and wait for their response.

Make the message deliverable

If the message does not deliver there is no point in sending out to the customers in the first place. To ensure that it is deliverable test the bulk SMS software in Chennai services. There are some words in the messages that prevent their delivery and you need to avoid them.

Do make it a point that the message is entered in the stipulated format that the service provider wants you to enter them. The phone numbers you have does exist in the first place.

Explore possibility of maximum impact

The more you engage your customers, more likely they would respond. The chances of them patronize would be on the higher side. Just ask them a list of questions and wait for their response. You could take them to the social media pages and ask them to contribute.  At the same time they could ask you questions that goes on to bother them.


There is no marketing module in the world that strives to achieve success. When you are tracking down your bulk SMS marketing campaign, it ensures whether a marketing campaign is on the right track or not.

Tracking does become considerable easy with the amount of responses you get. A host of tools in the form of Google Analytics are there which would explain how many customers responded to your messages.