Car Wireless technology is experiencing rapid changes


At present, the global car wireless technology is undergoing rapid changes, which is the most talked about automotive GPS devices. Car GPS once a “luxury.” In the past few years, however, after the CSR and SiRF (now merged), the company continued to forge ahead, GPS chip shape is more compact than ever before, faster, lower cost. GPS system, regardless of their original built-in or installed after the market PND or car stereo system, ordinary people are at your fingertips. Car GPS industry development in general trend with a few years ago is basically the same. Despite its range of applications continues to expand, but you always want to be able to reduce costs.

In addition, some of the latest developments, such as enhanced interactivity between mobile devices and GPS systems. The biggest change to the car navigation field is perhaps a variety of wireless technologies in the car universal “coexistence”. With the continuous development of the GPS system has been able to the aid of other technical elements to optimize the system functions. A combination of various technical elements of the system, its overall functionality than some of the features and CSR’s and SiRF merger also bears witness to the fact that wireless technology “integration”. After the merger, we connected in the short-range mobile phone technology and GPS chipsets market leading position.

Through a combination of technologies, the new CSR has become the world’s most powerful collaboration GPS vehicle equipment manufacturers. As we have said, the GPS equipment has not as simple to install in car dashboards. Now, these devices from the higher prices, larger space, the function of a single chip transfer to a closer combination of chips with the specific application of relations. Chip designers through the development of highly integrated, well-designed combination of chips to reduce costs, save space, without the need to continue to reduce the technology. Positioning accuracy of GPS systems, the user’s rising expectations.

Today’s users not only want to be able to use the traditional “GPS friendly” environment satellite a clear line of sight (LOS) to increase the navigation accuracy, and also hope that in the garage, tunnels and other “non-GPS-friendly environment, the same is true. This means faster time to first fix time (TTFF), enhanced reliability, and more widespread availability. Therefore, in the field of after-loading, coupling the sensor to get more use, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. In the pre-installed market, the dead reckoning system to get more use. Dead reckoning system by the vehicle data bus access to the existing systems, such as the odometer, a single wheel speed information and other used to determine the speed and direction sensor measures. Use of car data systems, GPS devices, and its advantage is no need to use those expensive sensors,Main products: car dvd player and car gps and car dvd are with good quality. but easy to use automobile data. If the GPS system can put to good use automotive components, regardless of the auxiliary brake system (ABS, the majority of the United States and the European car standards) single wheel speed sensor, the stability control system (in Europe use more), or compass (the United States use more), it can radically improve the accuracy of navigation.