Check out the Best LED TVs in the market


Television sets have been around for nearly a hundred years now and have since evolved into a multimedia device capable of delivering superb picture quality and an enhanced viewing experience. The most recent innovations are the LED televisions which have been around for close to a decade now. Its invention has pushed the technology further into the future, with super sleek designs and crystal clear imaging these devices are a beauty to behold and look at. They are also made with new materials and come in sizes which are quite big; some can even occupy a significant portion of a wall. Having a TV of such size plastered on a wall can bring out a modern and futuristic feel to the household.   

These LED TVs, however, are easily usurped by higher quality QLED and OLED televisions. This technology is rather recent, having been around for less than a few years and is fairly expensive and on the more experimental side of TV technology. For those that do not want to burn a huge hole in their pockets, LEDs are the way to go. The best LED TV in India provides a similar experience in resolution quality and the sound department all the while being extremely energy efficient. With the advent of faster internet speeds and an incorporation of small microprocessors in televisions, TVs come equipped with a lot of features such as internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, cable-less solutions and much more.

The host of options available are vast and affordable.Since the industry is in the middle of a shift, there is always a fluctuation in prices and one can even manage to snag a quality television screen for cheap. This list delves into the technical specifications and features of the televisions, takes a look at some of the best available options:

  • Panasonic TX-40DX700B: An experimental design, incorporated with a somewhat masked operating system makes the Panasonic TX-40DX700B one of the best options around. It comes into the field as a different type of LED TV, with its My Home Screen 2.0 OS, loosely based on the Firefox OS. It also solves a few problems faced by higher end intelligent 4K TVs. Its OS has a brilliant trick up its sleeve called the smart feature; which allows the pinning of any of the three icons into the screen while browsing and thus ensuring multi-window functionality. The screen can project deep blacks and clear whites all the while being flanked by 20W speakers which provide a decent sound experience. The TV may not be the best in every category, but its relatively affordable price tag means that it is by far the best value proposition.
  • Samsung 75MU7000: the Bezel-less screen. This is a trend that has taken the world by storm, from phones to TVs everything nowadays comes with a screen without borders. The Samsung 75MU7000 is one of the few LED TVs that offer a bezel-less experience. The design gives viewers an immersive experience and with a 360-degree philosophy that offers freedom from cables. With its polished smooth back and the massive screen, the Samsung device is a work of art. It has a 200Hz refresh rate, ensuring blur-free and crystal clear imagery. The smart interface combined with the precision black and peak illuminator ensures deeper blacks and brighter areas on the screen. The device is a joy to consume content on, all the while looking stunningly beautiful.
  • Sony Bravia KD-65X9500E: Of all the more premium models available in the market, the Sony Bravia KD-65X9500E stands out as a well-made and an avant-garde television. It is one of the few devices which give a good emphasis on superior video quality along with a focus on providing crisp and clear sounds. It also offers a 3840×2160 Ultra HD resolution display, which has a refresh rate of 800Hz and comes packing Sony’s proprietary Triluminos Display technology. On board, it also features a 4K HDR Processor Extreme and Dynamic Range pro technologies to allow for enhanced picture quality and a lifelike experience. All these features make the Sony the most vivid and evocative viewing experience.  It also has square shaped Magnetic Fluid Speakers, which delivers 60 W of clear audio-output and comes with a 16GB storage option for using various smart features. By far the most stylish and ultra-modern design, the TV combined with a screen par none and an astounding sound system, makes for one of the best TVs on the market.
  • VU H75K700: While the Indian manufacturer is popularly known for manufacturing super affordable television screens, it has forayed into the premium LED TV segment with the VU H75K700. It packs some brilliant features such as a 100Hz refresh rate and proprietary technologies, such as the Pixelight High Dynamic Range and their Motion Estimation and Compensation (MEMC) algorithm. This cutting-edge tech combined with a 4K display and an Ultra dimming feature make up for a superb experience, leaving viewers absorbed into the lifelike pictures and motion. The VU also comes with a fast processor and built-in Wi-Fi, so one can access the internet and use various smart features.   
  • LG 65UJ752T: Immersive viewing experience is something the Korean Tech giants promise with their latest iteration in LED TV in India. With active HDR pictures look super sharp and extremely vivid on screen and combined with a near bezel-less experience; it makes for a supremely impressive TV. It also comes with extended features such as Dolby Vision, ColourPrime and a 100Hz refresh rate; to enhance the user experience and make them feel as if they can see it in real life. In the audio department, LG has enlisted the help of American experts, Harman Kardon, to provide a 20W output. It also features six different variable sound modes to offer a premium sound experience. It also comes along with the LG Magic Remote and the Magic Mobile Connection technology to offer smart features and content.

Televisions are a must have in every household, it improves the feel of the room and adds a bit of flair and style to the house. One can find a very thorough breakdown of the best TVs on portals such as killerfeatures; thus making it an easy decision for confused customers.