Best Extended Validation (EV) Package for E-Commerce


Secure your transaction with trusted SSL

When you developed your online trade, it started with optimism and all effort to make the business run. Nowadays, after several years your online store has grown so fast from only ten orders per week into a hundred transactions per week. Not to mention the amount of each order, the increasing numbers have signed a need to transform your conventional online shop into a trusted e-commerce outlet.

SSL (secure socket layers)is the answer to this need. It delivers a possibility to secure a link of the transaction from your customer and website, which is preventing it to be used by the third party. The best offer SSL certificates in Mexico for a premium choice are an Extended Validation (EV) package from Symantec and Geotrust designed especially for an e-commerce website. This service is provided with the cost only 9.500 MXN up to 10,500 MXN per year.

As a premium type of SSL certificate, the EV package provided a trusted security better than DV (Domain Validity) certificate. DV might expense only a more reasonable cost for about 700 MXN per year but it is less secure than EV. For example, you only encrypted a single domain from a unique server in DV package. Meanwhile, in EV package, it covers security formany of subdomains from separate servers/IPs. This feature enables you to manage your traffic in order to getfast and secure transactions. Therefore, EV becomes the most favorite certificados ssl that suit customer needs especially e-commerce business or public institution.

Here are some major benefits if you choose EV packages:

  1. It provides an authorization check to ensure your existing validity. This is the most important for the customer on the other side of the world that never had a chance to meet you face to face.
  2. Secure your payment transaction through credit card transaction. PCI (Payment Card Industry) has a strict compliance to ensure their customer data not being used by the third party.
  3. Visible trusted sign on the browser’s navigation bar as a green padlock which makes you different among other seller. In the real world, this is an analogy with buying a product in an untrusted store in the street compared to the store in a mall.
  4. The validation process for EV packages consumes a longer time than DV which is sometimes take about 1-7 days. Although this consumes more time, it provides a physical verification of your company or institution existence.