How a call tracking system can help your business?

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In case you haven’t considered implementing a call tracking system for keeping up with the sales and marketing, it is time you should. It’s because there are tons of benefits of call tracking for business. It lets you track the campaigns that drive calls to your business. It lets you associate your local business numbers with online advertising, search and social media campaigns.

New to this concept? Don’t worry, here are some ways a call tracking system can help a business:

Measure the impact of your content

As you track the activities of all the callers on your site, you get the insights to which pages your customer visited before they made the call. This lets you see which pages on your website are converting well and how much time your visitors spend time on them.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

You can also measure the activity that led to the conversation. Let’s suppose a visitor reaches your website through your PCC campaign. Instead of valuing the last click, you can go deeper and understand the process that led to the conversation. This will provide you the real picture of the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Improve call routing & call recording

A misrouted call can make you lose a potential customer anytime. But if you have a call tracking system in place, it will have you route your inbound callers. It will also let you control where the calls are being routed from on the basis of the needs of your customers. Other than this, the call tracking system can also record the inbound calls so you can continuously assess the performance of your agents.

Assess the KPIs of your agents

You can readily assess the KPIs of any agents. The call tracking system will provide you all the information you need whether it is the number of inbound and outbound calls, call lengths, date, time and location of the caller and more. With this information, you can improve your business’s schedule to ensure no customer calls go unattended.

Determine the ROI on your products

The call tracking system can also help you gather all the necessary information to determine the return on investment for different products. You can find out the sources of the calls and then make an assessment on how far a client will be contributing to the profit of your company.

Improve your marketing strategy

As you extract the call history and customer call recordings with session level call tracking, it will help you understand your potential customers, their purchasing power, and brand loyalty. You can also recall the previous customer issues and the measures taken by your agents to resolve those issues.

Once you are fully aware of the common needs of your customers, you can change your marketing strategy by getting rid of everything that was previously ineffective. Knowing what’s best for your company plays a significant role in generating more return on investment. All the data that you gather will help you improve your sales and customer service. You will give your customers what they want.