Know how SSL Certificate help to boost your search ranking


What is SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is a boon for your website. However, it increases the trust of the users who visit your site. Incorporating an SSL certificate to your website makes easier for the users to share the confidential things like contact information and credit or debit card info. You must have observed that when you browse any site you receive a notification “ website is not secure” this indicates that website is not safe and you are notified before you browse the website.

For e.g., this URL is not safe to browse

But if you browse this URL is safe to browse and you can share your information.

Google has given first priority to the sites who include “HTTPS” in URL and help to improve your rankings.

How does an SSL Certificate help SEO?

As I said before, Google gives more preferences to the sites who incorporate SSL certificate on their website. Moreover, it also increases the ranking and security of the website. We at MilesWeb offer Free SSL certificate with all the plans of hosting such as Best reseller hosting, Cloud service providers, Cheap VPS hosting, etc.

Before the SSL certificate was not given top priority by the website owners. But later when Google announces that an SSL certificate can help to your boost your rankings than this has made the marketers focus on the SSL Certificate.

Full website security:-

Security is the foremost element that makes your website secure and protective for users and Google. You can easily process the data without any hazels as your data will be safe and protected by the website owners.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers. It is a protocol used to assist encrypt communications between the web server, users and browser. As you install SSL certificate, then it becomes tough for anybody to track the transferred data from the website to the server.

Become more Competitive:-

If your competitor is using an SSL certificate and you are not using the same for your website then it becomes tough for you to survive. Your potential customers will get away from your site and Google will not count your site as a secure.

If your website consists of SSL certificate, then this will lower down your competitors and users and Google will give top priority to your website.

How do I assure that rankings are boosting?

This will happen when you install SSL certificate on your website.Simply installing an SSL on your website is not alone enough because you need to configure the server to serve your website over HTTPS.

It is the most secure version of the HTTP protocol and it is becoming crucial as the web shifting towards an encrypted model. The only thing you need to do is incorporate every page with HTTPS or get HTTPS everywhere on your website.

It is not an easy task. It is a page link that required to be switched over to HTTPS, it also includes all the resources that are associated with those pages. However, these include videos, images and other files on the page. In case, you forgot to add HTTPS on any of the pages, then this will count in non-secure page by the browsers. This will ultimately affect your SEO rankings.

Last but not least, transmitting from HTTP to HTTPS can be tricky processes. If anything wrong happens then this will give a negative impact on your SEO and rankings. To avoid such issues it is suggested to consult with your hosting provider or check online resources who guide the process of installation.

Key things that need to be considered while getting an SSL Certificate:-

1) Check the type of SSL certificate that you need for your website. There are various types in SSL such as single, multi-domain, wildcard.

2) Utilized certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority.

3) Select web server that provides HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport Security.

4) Set 301redirects to point both search engines and users to HTTPS pages.

5) Select the right domain name because it is linked with one or more host-names. An SSL Certificate works only if the request matches the hostname connected with the certificate.That is why it is crucial to opt for an SEO friendly domain name and it is not changeable.

6) Take a trial of website pages by using an SSL certificate checker tool.

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