Medical Translations

Medical Translations

It would be fair to say that medical documents are probably the most complex to translate due to the level of precision required. Medical translation does not leave a chance for error, be it in a small prescription from your GP or a 100-page long medical report, guidelines or product authorisation. We, in ANZ are very careful about medical translations and offer professional medical translation services and certification of the following medical documents:

  • Medical history record (background, antecedents)
  • Medical reports, admission reports, discharge reports
  • Medical laboratory test results
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Prescriptions
  • Examination reports
  • Manufacturing and product authorisations
  • Import authorisations
  • Medical disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Consent forms
  • General medical forms and questionnaires
  • Medical guidelines
  • Medicinal product directives (Irish, European, international)

When performing medical translation, we carefully observe the tables and the format of the original (in particular in laboratory test reports) and provide explanation of the abbreviations in the file. This is important, as often abbreviations vary, even though the original medical term in Latin may be the same in different languages. We furthermore require that in addition to the source and target languages, all our translators be familiar with Latin to ensure accuracy and precision of the translation.

We also offer medical translation of handwritten healthcare documents. A GP’s handwriting is notoriously difficult to read, but thanks to our years of experience in the translation field, we can decipher even the most illegible documents. We would otherwise always verify with you first.

Last but not least, we offer medical transcription and interpretation services, if you need to attend a medical consultation abroad or have an online medical meeting or in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland. We will gladly accommodate you.

Although we do strive to offer the fastest turnaround and completion times, we never compromise on quality. We always first of all assess your medical document and based on its nature and complexity, suggest completion time and issue you with a quote. Please feel free to contact us to receive a free evaluation and a quote. We are here to help you.