Shoot, Edit, Share Videos In Videomate – Download Now


What is Video mate?

Videomate or Vmate is a video editing app that allows its users to share their videos online for others to watch. The application has thousands of funny and viral videos that are posted by its users. Videomate download is simple and can be installed from the play store. The app also has various other features that its users can make use of.

Is it safe to use videomate?

Videomate download is completely safe and the users can download and use the app from the play store directly. In case of downloading the app from any third-party sites, it is not always safe to download. The APK might contain some kind of virus or malware that is embedded into it. If installing from third-party sites, it is up to the user to take care of security.

What are the features of the application?

The app allows its users to edit videos, this is the major use of the app. The edited video can be posted in the app for thousands of users to see and share their opinion of it. The users can share anything that they think is interesting to see by capturing videos of it from the phone camera. The user can post any video and if it gets viral, the user will get lots of followers for their profile. The users also post videos that they think is funny. The app also suggests its users’ things that are trending and encourages them to make their own videos of the trending thing. The app is compatible with 3 major languages namely Hindi, English and Punjabi. But the content in the app also includes Bhojpuri, Gujarati and more. The editing tools and filters also make the video more appealing and the user can also share it in other social media directly from Videomate downloadapp.

What are the tools available in the app?

Videomate download is very good for editing videos, as the app provides a very good editing tool. It lets the user add effects, change filters, add music to their videos, etc. It lets the users edit their videos into something that is more eye-catching. The tools it provides also lets the user cut, merge, trim, rotate and convert the video. Adding dubs, compressing the video clips, cutting movie clips, etc. are some special features.

What else is the videomate used for?

The app being a major video sharing app, lets its users interact with each other by sending private messages and lets them follow other users and see the videos they post. Users can comment their opinion, like, share videos of people they follow. Sharing videos edited in the app to social media directly is another major feature.

Is the app available for iOS?

The application has support for both Android and iOS devices and works the same in both. Videomate downloadrequires iOS version more than 9.0.

Is the app free or paid?

Videomate app is free of cost and is available for download in google play store for Android and Apple Appstore for iOS users.

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