The Difference Made by Whitelisting


The whitelist and blacklist debate is far older than the invention of computers and it is in your best interest to recall which of the two works better in certain situations. You can compare whitelist options to physical security. If you have a key to a lock, you can then open the lock and gain entry to the room. However, another person without a key may decide that he or she wants to get inside.

The physical lock is thus a barrier to that person, keeping him or her from stepping even one foot into the room. This type of security system has no need of any one person to function effectively and it is an immediate protection perfect for any type of business. The more you know about this service, the better your company will be able to deal with potential threats.


It is far simpler and faster to build a list of people whom you want to be able to enter a room than to make a list of everyone whom you want kept out. Any whitelist application you utilise in your company will allow only the programs you trust to run. For this reason, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is far more difficult for malware and malicious people to find their way into your system. For a company based in no small part online, this is an option that cannot be forgotten or ignored.

The Difference

Blacklists are similar to casinos. At a casino, anyone with money to gamble can come in and play the games with only a few exceptions for people specifically listed in the casino’s black book. Many retail stores have the same model, although you do have to wonder how well they perform at enforcing these rules. Some companies are better equipped to enforce bans than others and the same is true of blacklist software.

Computer networks use a combination of whitelist and blacklist software to ensure that you receive excellent protection. For example, every single time you must log into a system in the computer via a password or code, that is whitelisting. Antivirus software is blacklisting. Blacklisting can fail if a virus not on its list of malware should be introduced to your computer. However, whitelisting can help to block this by providing a backup system. In short, what a blacklist misses, a whitelist will not, and vice versa.

Keep Yourself Protected

The right companies understand that you need reliable software designed to make running your company simple and smooth. With the help of expert coding and extensive technological upgrades, whitelisting has become one of the most effective means to keep employees and employers safe. The Internet is filled with many people who would take whatever they could from you the moment they have the chance. However, proper protection can ensure that this type of situation is never something you should worry about and the peace of mind you enjoy will allow you to focus on other aspects of your company. With the right software, your company can find decades of success.