What are the applications of nanomaterials


Nanomaterials are applied in many fields. Their application is not limited. It is still improving in its access and the huge application makes it more innovative till date. As said its application is not limited, let us see few applications.

  • As a doctor inside your body – These nanochips can be injected into the human body or worn to monitor the health movements and changes. Those nanochips are prototypes that can sense the various signs of body. This helps in indicating the health issues in prior to its symptoms. This helps in capturing the detailed information with less hassle towards their treatment.
  • Used as a sensor – The nanomaterials are used to detect the critical infrastructure prior to the happening of the incident. Te sensor activity is predefined within the system to constantly monitor the bridges, aircraft and nuclear power plants.
  • Self healing feature – Nanomaterials are designed to work with the process of self healing system where the material can detect the change in structure and heal it naturally without any crack to appear.
  • Big data – Nanotechnology is helping in the defense system of memory to store the wealth of data. This helps in the efficient algorithm design processing and encrypting data without compromising.
  • Managing climate change – When the climate change occurs and if there is a need in changing electric power from sunlight, nanotechnology helps in doing it with the predefined system.

Apart from these major applications, there are many others that are used in many tiny applications. Even though their application is small, it is used widely for its unbelievable benefit. Few of those applications are

  • Photo detector
  • Coating
  • Loudspeakers
  • Biotechnology and medicine
  • Radiation shielding
  • Thermal management
  • Cloaking
  • Lubrication
  • Water purification

Nanotechnology use is plotted based in its property. The technique is designed based on its physical and chemical properties. The descriptions of those properties are based on the following.

Physical property

  • Size, shape and height based on the ratio
  • How they stick together to form a shape
  • Size distribution
  • Surface smooth and bumpy effect
  • Structural effect
  • How they dissolve

Chemical property

  • Molecular structure
  • Composition of purity and other additives
  • State of the material
  • Surface chemistry
  • Attraction towards the molecules

The exposure of Nanomaterial is based on the range of techniques and the category that the application is implemented. When a Nanomaterial company is making its design, it precedes with the base of these property inclusions. Each of the Nanomaterial is considered about its property before implementing in its design. From the companies like mstnano, it is more effective to understand the result with quality. Their application with different products can be seen in http://mstnano.com.