What is parental control software?


The children use the internet most of the time either for homework purpose, for playing games or in order to access any other media type. There are many such reasons like chatting with their friends through internet access or playing games till late night which leaves parents worried and stressed. We all know that internet is not so safe for children but it is not possible for the parents to keep an eye on their kids all the time. There is always a fear among the parents about the children that they do not get distracted through the wrong modes.

The parental control app can be used to out of such stress. It has benefit of controlling the time for the use of computer and internet, and also controls the activity that user can perform. It restricts the computer, internet or games accordingly. The user can spend only the fixed amount of time and can use only fixed amount of data.

Parents can use this app to have a control over their children for watching programs, allow the sites related to homework such as government and educational sites, restrict the gaming type, and also set the time for the usage.

Some Parental Control Software

  • M Spy

It is one of the top most parental control apps for controlling the different child activities over the computer and internet. It blocks the installation of applications which are not required for an under aged child. The keylogger feature helps parents view the text entered by the child in his smart phone or tablets. Through M Spy software one can also view the photos and videos stored by the child in his computer or smart phones.

  • Qustodio

The app is exclusively designed to monitor the child’s activity and have a complete control over the device used by the children.  The app features a panic button which helps to send location of the child in case of an emergency.

  • Net Nanny

It is counted among one of the renowned apps and offers a great protection for the teen agers.  It filters the internet contents and sends an alert to the parents about the site visited by the child and helps parents block the sites they want. It also offers a new feature named as mask profanity which allows a child visit web pages without using irrelevant languages.

  • Salfeld

The Salfeld app is one of the parental control apps which provide parents to view what website has been visited and warning has been given. It also help [parent block the apps and set program limit. It does not allow access to control panel or operating system.

In short, parental control apps are very helpful for the parents who want to keep an eye on their children. The applications are helpful for the parents to protect their child from unnecessary contents and making contact with the strangers who can harm them. Hence, above is the few sorted application which would help you with all sort of issues.