Followers on Instagram: Increase Your Numbers Now


Read any article about gaining followers for your business or your blog, and you will see that there are two ways to gain followers. Just as there are a couple of distinct ways to increase the number of people who follow you on social media, there are two distinct opinions on how this is done. The key word when you consider getting more followers is “real.”

Yes, you can buy Instagram followers. But the question is if you should. That is not as difficult to answer as you may think. If you work with a trustworthy provider who expands your audience with real followers, you are taking a more positive step than if you had simply purchased a few thousand followers that turn out to be “bots” or “zombie” accounts.

It Is About Numbers

Before you dig into this subject too much further, keep in mind that getting followers for your social media presence is about numbers. More followers, more likes, more people in your blog audience who are truly engaged with you and your ideas – that’s the ticket to a growing business or online presence. However (there is always a however), as much as you would like it to be true, in this situation, one group of numbers is not exactly like another group of numbers.

When you first start to consider growing your following dramatically, instead of looking at how much it would cost to get 2,000 followers, ask this question: How many people do I want to engage with me on a regular basis? You may also want to ask how much engagement you are getting without buying followers. One social media veteran emphasises this over almost everything else.

So, if you are going to purchase followers make sure the service you are working with is providing you with quality accounts that will actually do you some good. There are providers that are very, very cheap. However, many of these turn out to be fake, robots, or zombies, as mentioned earlier.

Separate Yourself

When you do select the right service you are likely to get something that will separate you from other businesses that buy followers. That legitimate service will be working with you on a serious marketing tool that directs real account holders to your page. They will not deal in meaningless numbers, which does not benefit them or you.

How do they separate themselves, and you, from the others? They use social media tools such as targeting people through hashtags or through followers of other users whose posts have some relation to yours. These real users have a legitimate interest in the content you offer. They are probably already following your sector of the economy.

These suppliers know it is difficult to get the results you want especially when the online economy is flooded with information, some of it good, some of it not so good. With this type of service, you get extra benefits that some of the wholesale number sellers do not offer. This list of benefits can include email support and updates for the lifetime of your business.